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Hi, I’m Marie. This is my blog about my breast cancer diagnosis and journey. I wrote this in hopes that it could help someone, and also to help me process everything that’s happened.

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Hi, I’m Marie. Avid learner, bookworm, student, teacher, entrepreneur and engineer/scientist. I’m very much into wellness and living as healthy as I can be. I wasn’t always this way, and way before my cancer diagnosis, I spent a number of years struggling to stick to a strict gluten free diet due to my Celiac disease. Health has not been something that always came easy for me, and I’ve had to spend a number of years battling different issues. Number one being inflammation. While my allergies have decreased over the years, apparently there were still imbalances lurking beneath the surface.

I may never know the true cause. Here you can read about my newest journey in tackling an issue that many women face each year. Typically those women are post-menopausal but sometimes, like me, are younger. It was an absolute fluke I even became aware of what was happening. We’ve all heard of lumps, but this was not even a thought really of mine-until it didn’t go away. Luckily, I listened to that voice inside me that said to check it out and ignored the other that said to ignore it.

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